Friday, December 19, 2008

Bond Girl Celine Cawley Found Murdered In Home

Former Bond girl, Irish actress Celine Cawley, (age 46), was found murdered following a robbery at her home. She appeared in the 1985 James Bond movie A View To A Kill with Roger Moore as Agent 007 (see photo - Celine in blue dress on Roger Moore's right, source: AP). According to the Daily Mail British Newspaper, on Monday December 15, 2008, Cawley was found beaten to death in her in Howth, County Dublin, Ireland home. Reportedly, she disturbed an intruder at her home who then turned on her. She was discovered by her husband, Eamonn Lillis (age 51), who allegedly saw a masked intruder fleeing the scene as he returned home from walking the dogs. Tests are being conducted on a brick that detectives believe was used to beat the actress to death. Cawley is survived by her husband and her only child. Celine was the owner of the largest media production company in Ireland, named Toytown Films <----click for her website (black & white photo of Celine Cawley, source: Joseph Anderson of J P. Ireland Photoline; color photo source: AP)

UPDATE: 21DEC2008 - Husband charged with murder of Celine Cawley (As reported by ELAINE EDWARDS of "The husband of Dublin woman Celine Cawley, who was found dead at her home last week, has been charged with her murder. Eamon Lillis (50) was arrested in Howth and detained by gardai in Clontarf yesterday as part of their inquiry into the death of Ms Cawley (46) at her home on Monday. She was found on the patio of the house at Windgate Road. It is believed she had been beaten on the head with a brick. Mr Lillis will remain in custody and will appear before Dublin District Court tomorrow". In addition forensic detectives found two major pieces of evidence: (1) that Cawley had managed to grab a clump of hair from her attacker and (2) she probably has her murderer's DNA under her fingernails from scraping his face. It's expected results of DNA tests will be available early this week. (photo of Eamonn Lillis, source: Joseph Anderson of JP. Ireland Photoline)

UPDATE: 22DEC2008 - Celine Cawley's husband, Eamon Lillis, appeared at Dublin District Court at about 10:30am this morning and was formally charged with her murder (sketch of Lillis as he appeared in court today, source: Joseph Anderson of JP. Ireland Photoline). Mr Lillis was initially charged and taken into custody yesterday morning by Sargent Gary Kelly at 7:15 am (at Clontarf Garda Station). Celine was found to be in a coma on the patio of her home on Windgate Road in Howth this past Monday and was taken to Beaumont Hospital where she died shortly there after. Mr Lillis when charged with the murder was heard to reply: "Nothing to say". Judge John Coughlan (known as "The Jailing Judge" for consistently refusing bail and imprisoning defendants awaiting trial) instructed that Mr Lillis appear in Cloverhill District Court tomorrow at 10:30am and remain in custody until then. His lawyer is Dara Robinson who specializes in mental health law in Ireland (his color picture is below/source:Garrett Sheehan & Partners); he is currently a partner in the law practice, Garrett Sheehan and Partners, in Dublin and more information about him can be found at the following link: Here is another link to the latest report (as of this morning) on Irish TV (RTE):,null,230

- The second remand hearing was held today to decide whether Mr Lillis will be kept in jail over Christmas.
Wife Celine Cawley's funeral took place today at noon at the Church of the Assumption in Howth, County Dublin, Ireland. According to RTE News, it was reported that Mr Lillis sat quietly during his brief court hearing at Cloverhill District Court today. Detective Sargent Gary Kelly requested Mr Lillis continue to be held in custody for two more weeks. Mr Lillis' lawyer, Dara Robinson, stated his client was consenting to the continuation of custody. The Judge, Conall Gibbons, ordered him to appear at Cloverhill District Court on January 6th, 2009. Below are pictures of Eamonn Lillis in court on the 22nd.(photos source: John Anderson). Here is a link from RTE TV in Ireland reporting on the funeral for Celine Cawley today:,null,230

UPDATE 30DEC2008: - Celine Cawley's husband (Eamonn Lillis) released on bail. The husband of murdered businesswoman Celine Cawley has been granted bail. Eamonn Lillis appeared in court this morning, where bail was set at 150 thousand euro. Under the bail conditions, the 51 year old must stay in the family home in Howth and sign on daily with the Gardai. Ms.Cawley was found in a comatose state on the back patio of her home on the 15th of December and died in the hospital later that morning. Mr. Lillis was charged with the murder on the 21st of December.

UPDATE 06JAN2009: - Bail Extended For Eamonn Lillis (Husband of Celine Cawley).
Charged with his wife's murder late last year, EAMON LILLIS, husband of Celine Cawley, appeared briefly at Cloverhill District Court today (06JAN2009) where he was given another 3 months to be out on bail. The prosecuting and defending attorneys agreed to a March 1oth, 2009 as the date the case against Lillis goes to trial. Lillis (aged 51) has been given release on his own bond from Cloverhill prison due to meeting the High Court terms of bail which required raising funds of a 150,000 euros for bond and independent surety of 50,000 euros. A newspaper, The Dubliner, put up 75,000 euros of the bond and his friend Gerard Kennedy put up the surety of 50,000 euros. His next court appearance will be at Bridewell District Court in March. Mr. Lillis is required to live at the family home at Rowan Hill, Windgate, Howth and check-in on a daily basis some time between 9am and 9pm with the Howth Garda station. His passport has been surrendered; he is barred from obtaining a new one. Under the terms of his bail, Mr Lillis must reside at the family home, Rowan Hill, Windgate, Howth, and sign on daily at Howth Garda station between 9am and 9pm.


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